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Spice Merchant Favorites Spice Kit

Spice Merchant Favorites Spice Kit


This kit is The Spice Merchants top favourites picks for blends and whole spice. Svaneti is technically a salt mixture and can be put into a salt grinder to sprinkle a delicious mix of Georgian herbs onto anything from salad to meats. Berbere is a complex mix of Ethiopian spices, many of them hand picked in the wilds of Ethiopia, its great to cook stews and almost every Ethiopian Dish calls for it. Chimichurri is our favourite BBQ spice to add into ground meats or make marinades for steak. Zanzibar Curry is a sweet curry perfect for coconut milk dishes and finally a tin of the worlds best Smoked Paprika from La Vera Spain.


In the Kit: Svaneti Blend, Berbere Blend, Zanzibar Blend, Chimichuri Blend, La Vera Spain Smoked Paprika 

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