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The Team


Stephen Gollan


Over 13 years ago I took a trip to India, on this trip I fell in love with spice. I came home with as much as my backpack would hold and started my business. Today I am a spice merchant, established photographer and travel writer. My two businesses have blended nicely into my passion for travel!

My primary role is making connections with farmers, suppliers and cooks to create the spice blends and ship spice back to Canada. 

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Mary Gollan


As Stephen's travels took him to far off places, I was here to hold down the fort. During this time I learned the in's and out's of spice, including the travel aspect (the best part). In 2019 we decided to step up our game and with me as dual owner we began to expand from farmers markets to a permanent location at Crossroads.

My primary role is making our spice blends, finance management, selling at farmers markets and preparing our online sales.


Chelsea Klapwyk

Marketing (..and everything else) Manager

I joined the team just over 3 years ago wanting a new and exciting challenge in Marketing. I am currently in school for Graphic Design and travel with Stephen regularly assisting in cultivating relationships with our farmers. 

My primary role is social media marketing and website management.

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