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High in the mountains of Svaneti is the small town of Ushguli, which also happens to be Europe’s highest altitude village! This is where a local famous Baba taught us her secret family recipe which we agreed to call “Ushguli” to represent her village. This is one of our most delicious and popular spice blends! It goes perfectly on just about anything! Our favorites are on BBQ chicken, squash soups, cucumber salads, chickpeas, lentils and meat marinades! This is our “go to” spice whenever we want to impress company with exotic and unique flavors from a remote corner of the world.


Ingredients: Garlic, Georgian Mountain Coriander, Blue Fenugreek, Marigold Petal, Georgian Chile Pepper, Wild Gitsruli Caraway, Salt

Ushguli Spice

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