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Persian Kabobs

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

This recipe comes straight from the streets of Iran, and offers up a delicious smoked middle eastern flavor. Kabobs are a very popular dish among most of the Middle East but it must be done correctly in order to receive the seal of approval amongst the locals.

Typically served alongside a bed of saffron rice & pita bread, persian kabobs are known as juicy, spice packed flavor bombs that will impress any crowd. This dish will transport you to the hustle and bustle of the streets of Tehran.

Persian Kabob Recipe

Serving Prep Time Cook Time

4 Servings 15 min 45 Hour



  1. Blend onion in a food processor & drain excess juice through a strainer (squeeze as much as possible out to ensure the kabob's form properly)

  2. Add the remaining onion pulp to a bowl with the ground beef, salt, garlic, spices & egg.

  3. Combine ingredients by hand for a few minutes until it sticks together without crumbling.

  4. Fill up a small bowl with tap water, this is for wetting your fingers so the meat does not stick to them when you are making the kabobs.

  5. Divide the meat into 10 equal parts, one by one take the meat and place on the top of the skewer () and squeeze it around the skewer. Leave the top and bottom of the skewer clear. The meat should be ½ inch thick around the skewer.

  6. Store skewer on a baking sheet with sides, make sure meat is not touching bottom of sheet.

  7. These can be grilled over a coal bbq (preferred) but gas will work as well. Turn periodically throughout cooking process & brush with butter 3x throughout the cooking processes (be cautious not to over cook as they can dry out)

  8. Serve with Persian Saffron infused with Barberries & often time grilled vegetables.

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