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Ethiopian Niter Kibbeh Spiced Ghee

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

This spiced clarified butter or Nit’ir Qibe is essential to almost every Ethiopian dish. This traditional recipe is simple to make but adds a complex and deep flavor to any dish. The only down side? The spices can be hard to find in the west, so we decided to simplify things and collect the ingredients for you. Whether your looking to try something new or reminisce about the flavors back home, a dollop of this butter will do the trick!


2 LB Butter

45G of Niter Kibbeh


  1. Cut butter into cubes

  2. Add butter in a deep sauce pan on medium heat

  3. Once butter is completely melted add in the Niter Kibbeh spice mix and turn heat to low

  4. Cook for 15 minutes stirring every few minutes

  5. Using a cheese cloth or fine sieve, strain the mixture into the container of your choosing

  6. Once cooled, place butter in refrigerate.

This butter great on meats, stews, curries, baked vegetables, breads and essentially anywhere that calls for a burst of savoury flavor.

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