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Olotillo is a staple corn in Oaxaca that will produce a balanced masa. This corn has a light, floury starch for a pillowy tortilla and a dense enough body for making perfect tortillas and other Masa products. Its one of the most flavourful corns in Mexico!


The Corn: Our Heirloom corn is grown by small cooperatives in Oaxaca Mexico, this ensures not only the quality of the product, but also maintaining a tradition dating back thousands of years. Using Heirloom Corn will introduce you to a whole new world of flavour in your masa, but also it is a healthier choice.


Making Masa:


Step 1 – The Cook – Wash the white powder off the corn, this is a product used to stop pests from eating it.  Boil the corn with Cal (Calcium Hydroxide) for approximately 1 hour with about 4 inches of water above the corn. Use a ratio of 1lb corn – 4.55 grams Cal. Each corns cook time will be different, to test of the corn is done the skins of the corn should easily rub off and the corns consistency should be the same as a boiled peanut. Be cautious not to over cook the corn.


Step 2 – Nixtamalization - Nixtamalization is the process of removing the corn from the heat and allowing it to steep with the Cal overnight (6 – 12 hours). Make sure there is at least 2 – 4 inches top off water for the steep.


Step 3 – The Wash – Strain the little baby Nixtamals and wash them in warm water. Be sure to do this in a strainer as the skins that wash off you will want to keep them.


Step 4 – Masa Grind – Take your corn and about half of the skins (if there is any) and grind them either in a food processor or hand mill. You might need to add small amounts of water if its too dry. Once you’ve made your masa knead it for ten minutes before leaving in a plastic bag for 30 minutes.


Your Masa is now ready to be pressed into Tortilla’s! Use within a few hours or else keep in the fridge. Another idea is to dry it out and then you will have your very own instant masa flour!

White Olotillo Corn - Heirloom

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