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Syrian Za'atar (Zaatar)

Syrian Za'atar (Zaatar)


Every village in Syria has its own recipe for Za'atar, this recipe comes from one of the oldest Souq’s on the planet, the Aleppo Souq in northern Syria. Combining wild Za'atar with Pistachios and Sumac creates a delicious blend of sour, herbaceous and nuttiness that is perfect for bread dip when mixed with olive oil. We love baking bread with this spice, topping it on flat bread or even baking chicken/chickpeas with it. It is also great as a salad enhancer! Mix this Syrian Za'atar with Greek, Turkish or Tabouleh Salad.


Ingredients: Wild Za'atar, Organic Oregano, Toasted Sesame, Pistachio, Sumac, Cumin, Nigella Seed, Salt 

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