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The Sichuanese do not call Sichuan pepper "Sichuan pepper." They call it hua jiao, which means flower pepper! This is because this numbing, stunning red peppercorn is shaped similiar to a flower. 


The Sichuan Flower Peppers flavour is warm and woodsy, perfect to add into stir fries and hot pots. 


Our Sichuan Pepper has not undergone the once-required heat-treatment process that for so long robbed Sichuan pepper of some of its punch. 


The peppercorns are hand-picked and dried by the farmers before being machine-sorted once and then hand sorted twice! as only the top grades of pepper are. 


Sichuan peppercorns are typically toasted and ground to a coarse or fine powder. Alternatively, you can heat them in hot oil to infuse the flavor and remove the peppercorns altogether. we love using them whole as you get the best zing and flavour. 

Sichuan Flower Pepper (Da Hong Pao Sichuan Pepper)

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