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Before the high-end mezcal brands and bars began promoting the distinct qualities of Mezcal there was this salt to pair with the smokey agave based liquor. And in this salt, there are ground worms, a natural evolution of the already common practice in Pre-Hispanic México of eating insects!


Combing Salt, rare Pasilla de Oaxaca chilies and the Agave Worms you recreate a spice that has been used traditionally in Mexico for centuries! Its an earthy, smokey and sweet combination that can also be added into any of your Mexican inspired recipes.


In Oaxaca it is common practice to add Sal de Gusano to Moles and Enchaladas! Celebrate spice with stepping out of your comfort zone and sampling one of the rarest flavors on the planet!


Ingredients: Salt, Pasilla de Oaxaca, Agave Worms

Sal de Gusano (Oaxaca Worm Salt)

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