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Facing Heaven Zi Dan Tou Chili (Chao Tian Jiao)

Facing Heaven Zi Dan Tou Chili (Chao Tian Jiao)


Chao tian jiao, or facing heaven chilies, are called this because they grow upward toward the sky. This kind of "facing heaven chili" is known as,  zi dan tou. Facing   

Facing Heaven chilies are the most popular chili in Chengdu, China. They are 1.5 inch to 2.5 inches in length.


Facing heaven zi dan tou chilies are a beautiful red colour and have medium to hot heat. They are used for many Sichuan dishes!


Try them in gong bao chicken or other spicy stir fries. Also amazing in stews or hot pots. As with all dried chilies, the heat is controllable: Leave chilies whole for less heat, cut them in half and include some seeds in your dish for maximum heat.

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