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Dandelion leaves and flowers may offer many health benefits. These can include promoting liver health and fighting inflammation. Although often dismissed as a stubborn lawn weed, people have been using dandelion in forms of traditional medicine for centuries. Not only can the leaves, roots, and flowers add color to your plate, but they’re also often found in herbal teas and supplements, where they’re widely used as a natural remedy to support blood sugar management and boost skin, liver, and heart health. 


Ingredients: Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion Leaves

  • 1. Put some herbs in the water. Once the water is to a boil, around 100° Celsius, you can add your herbs to the water. Which herbs you use depends on what effects and flavor you are looking for. Regardless of the herbs, you should use roughly one small teaspoon of tea for 200 ml of water.

    2. Boil the herbs for 1-2 minutes. If you add the herbs to the water before boiling, you will create a condensed and bitter brew instead of tea.

    3. Steep for another 5 minutes. Remove the kettle (or pot) from heat and let the mixture sit for five minutes.

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