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Black cocoa powder has simply been heavily dutched or alkalized. Black cocoa powder has a smoother non-bitter taste. As the name suggests, black cocoa powder is much darker in color than natural cocoa powder, and it makes everything else black as well. This super black color is achieved by heavier alkalizing, and no food colors have been used to create it. This means that black cocoa powder is an amazing natural coloring agent and is perfect for people with food allergies.


Black Cocoa Powder helps bake the darkest cakes and brownies. One of our favorites is dark velvet cupcakes! If you find the Black Cocoa to strong you can always mix 50/50 with natural Cacao Powder, this will still provide the black color, but with an extra punch of Chocolate flavor!


Ingredients: 100% Dutched Cacao

Black Cacao Powder

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