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Wild zaatar (Origanum syriacum) is also called Lebanese oregano, Syrian oregano, Bible hyssop, holy hyssop orsimply, zaatar or za’atar. Wild Zaatar is not to be confused with the Middle Eastern seasoning of the same name, the spice blend known as zaatar is made from dried zaatar leaves, sesame seeds, sumac, and salt, as well as other spices 


The flavor profile of this herb is a combination marjoram, thyme, oregano with nutty & citrus notes. 


Origanum syriacum grows wild in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel, but has only recently entered cultivation due to increasing demand. While wild zaatar has been used for centuries in labneh (strained yogurt), manaeesh (flatbread), and herbal teas in Middle Eastern cultures, Westerners have begun to take notice of this amazing herb; try it on pizza, pasta sauce, popcorn, and baked potato!


Origin - Egypt

Hyssop Thyme Za'atar

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