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This Gyokuro is top grade, high quality, and one of Japan's most famous teas. Grown in historical Kyoto, Japan, our Uji Gyrukuro was shaded for 2-3 weeks before being harvested resulting in a deep green colored leaf, and stronger concentration of flavor. Uji Gyokuro is high in nutrients (rich in theanine, and chlorophyll). The leaves are bright, fresh and thin, bursting with pure green aromas. Our Uji Gyrokuro is a premium gyrokuro, with the flavor of buttered steamed greens, smooth, sweet, vegetal and luxurious. 


Origin - Kyoto, Japan

Caffeine - Medium

Ingredients - Green Gyokuro Tea

Uji Gyokuro

  • Tea - 1-1.5 TSP

    Water - 200ML

    Temperature - 75°C

    Time - 1.5 - 2 MIN

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