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Turkish Oregano Buds

Turkish Oregano Buds


Turkish Oregano Buds are zesty, bright and have a slightly pepper flavor! They must be picked by hand just before they open into oregano flowers. The tiny, pinecone-shaped buds are a spice we love and give a unique oregano experience, but come with a particularly beautiful spicy, hoppy twist. Crumble into salad dressings, sprinkle over pasta and pizza, use in chicken kebab and meat marinades, or sneak them into your grilled cheese sandwich These buds will quickly become a pantry staple.


In Turkey, Oregano buds are often combined with Turkish Sumac. They are then used as bread topping before baking, put on Turkish pizza known as pide, mixed in fresh salads, and lastly mixed with olive oil for a bread dip!


Origin: Denzili, Turkey

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