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Pasilla Mixe also known as Pasilla Oaxaca is one of the rarest chilies in the world. The Pasilla Mixe grows in the Sierra Norte region of Oaxaca. These rugged and rainy valleys are home to the indigenous Mixes, who call themselves Ayüükjä’äy (“people who speak the mountain language”).


Finding Pasilla Mixe outside of Oaxaca is very unlikely so getting the chance to taste this truly rare chile is quite the opportunity. Mixe Chilies are a medium heat but packed full of a fruity and smoky flavour. After harvesting they are smoked over oak by hand in caves by the Mixe indigenous peoples.


The Mixe use Pasilla Mixe chiles to create very flavourful salsa’s, stews and often are put in tamales. We love using this chile in all our Mexican cooking. Adding it to Quesadillas, tacos and Mole is truly unique and delicious.

Pasilla Mixe - Pasilla de Oaxaca

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