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Pasilla de Oaxaca (Powder)

Pasilla de Oaxaca (Powder)


Pasilla de Oaxaca or Pasilla Mixe is a rare Mexican Chili that grows in the remote mountains of the Sierra Norte in Oaxaca. The Mixe indigenous groups have been producing this heirloom chile for generations and we are lucky enough to be able to support and continue this chile being produced as it was under threat of disappearing!


Its a smoky, red pasilla chile providing flavours of smoke, cacao, tobacco and a hint of grape. Any Mexican chef will tell you that this rare chile is easily one of Mexico's best kept secrets!


Try adding Pasilla Mixe into your next Mexican creation such as a spicy Salsa, a rich mole or a cheesy quesadilla!


Ingredients: Pasilla de Oaxaca (Pasilla Mixe)

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