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Black Pepper - Kampot

Black Pepper - Kampot


Kampot Pepper is sought after by many chefs in the West for its high-quality tastes. This is because Kampot Pepper is grown in traditional methods from select farms in the lush valleys of Cambodia. These farms and growing conditions make the worlds best Peppercorns, and these are called Kampot. The soil allows for these Peppercorns to produce a unique and strong flavor. We import our Kampot Peppercorns directly from Cambodia through a fair-trade organization to ensure the farmers are paid for the craftsmanship with the Pepper. Each bag of Kampot Peppercorns we get comes with a lot number to trace the exact farm that produced the Peppercorns on Kadodes website. This is a spice you must try! 


Origin - Kampot, Cambodia

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