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Découvrez les saveurs du monde

Uji Ceremonial Matcha is our highest grade of matcha. This rare matcha is traditionally reserved for the most exclusive of tea ceremonies. This special and very rare macha comes directly to us from tencha plantation in the Kyoto area in the Uji region, which is known as one of the primary production centres of the highest grades of matcha and gyokuro in the world!


An excellent choice for matcha enthusiasts who are looking for true quality Ceremonial matcha. 


Origin - Uji, Japan

Caffeine - Medium 

Ingredients - High Quality Matcha

Uji Ceremonial Matcha

  • Tea - 0.5 TSP

    Water - 2.4- / 70-90ML

    Temperature - 75°C

    Time - Whisk Until Frothy 

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