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Découvrez les saveurs du monde

Our Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe Ceylon tea is a beautiful example of pure Ceylon black tea! Orange Pekoe or 'OP', refers to not the tea plant itself, or the flavor, but to the grade of leaf used. OP refers to young leaves uniform in size, picked when the tip first starts to open. Our Orange Pekoe Ceylon tea is unmatched in terms of quality and strength, and we think you will agree, this truly is a drink to be enjoyed.


The wonderful tea plantations of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) are synonymous with the production of famous black teas. In these plantations some of the world's top teas are produced!


The unmistakable Ceylon aroma is rich, robust and strong, with honeyed chocolate notes, offering a mellow sweetness that is the perfect balance to a crisp, clean aroma slightly reminiscent of citrus. 


Origin - Sri Lanka

Caffeine - Medium

Ingredinets - Black Tea

Sri Lanka Orange Pekoe Ceylon

  • Tea - 1 TSP

    Water - 200ML

    Temperature - 95°C

    Time - 2 - 3 MIN

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