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Découvrez les saveurs du monde

When I traveled to Japan I wanted to find a Shichimi Togarashi that was memorable. Not just some pre-ground, dried-out piece of sh@t that you can find on any shelf of an Asian grocery store. I also wanted to make sure it stuck to tradition and has all the ingredients in it that it should. 


While in a neon lit back alley in Oasaka's Dotonbori District I found a small Yakitori restaurant with a line up around the block. The Yakitori here was topped with the most mind blowing Shichimi Togarashi I have ever had. This is that recipe, a traditional, flavourful Shichimi that will have all your best Japanese recipes dressed in it's finest Kimono. 


Using real Sansho Pepper and Yuzu from Japan mixed with sweeter, but slighlty spicy chilies is a combo made in heaven. Use this Shichimi on all Japanese inspired dishes, but dont stop there! Shichimi can be used on roast vegtables, fancy steak, curries and seafood. 


Ingredients: Sesame, Chilies (Gochugaru, Shichimi) Sansho Pepper, Sichuan Flower Pepper, Yuzu, Aonori (Seaweed).

Osaka Shichimi Togarashi

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