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Découvrez les saveurs du monde

This rare pepper grows wild in the jungles of northern Thailand. Like its cousins Sichuan and Sancho pepper, it has a peppery and numbing sensation but carries a powerful and delicous mandarin orange flavor. The flavour of tangerine and smoked tea is often associated this stunning pepper. 


This wild pepper is widely used in Northern Thai cuisine, often put in dishes such as Laab (Thai Pork Salad), Northern Style Curries and sauces that include lemongrass, ginger, allspice for grilloing pork or chicken. In Vietnam the pepper is highly sought ofter for pickling! Our favourite is adding it to marinades for meats and making vibrant sauces for vegtables. 


Our Mah Kwan Wild Pepper is harvested in the wilds of Northern Thailand in the region of Muang Sing. All our Thailand Spices are carefully hand picked from small local farms to ensure quality and freshness. This region is famed for it spices!


IngredientsMah Kwan Wild Pepper - Makhwen Pepper

OriginChiang Mai, Thailand

Mah Kwan Pepper (Makhwen Pepper)

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