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The kaffir lime plays an important role in the cuisine of Southeast Asia. The peel also has lemon and lime-like flavors. Similar to the use of the leaves, the kaffir lime peels can be cooked in soups, wok dishes and sauces. When cooked in rice, it has a fine, fresh citrus note.


Adding whole Kaffir lime peels to curries, soups, stocks or marinades will provide a burst of fresh citrus. You can also grind into a powder and add the powder to dishes or desserts.


Our Kaffir Lime Peel is grown in Northern Thailand near the city of Chiang Mai. All our Thailand Spices are carefully hand picked from small local farms to ensure quality and freshness. This region is famed for it spices! 


IngredientsKaffir Lime Peel

OriginChiang Mai, Thailand

Kaffir Lime Peel

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