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Harissa hails from North Africa and is a fundamental blend sed in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Moroccan cuisine. After living in North Africa, I spent years discovering the unique variations of Harissa from each region of North Africa. Our Harissa is true to the paste form that it is usually found as.


Our recipe is primarily from Libya and Tunisia, but we have sampled a similar version in the markets of Marrakesh, Morocco. It is a spicy, herby, and garlicy intoxicating mix that can be added to any tagine or North African recipe.


If you would like the paste, simply take the spice mix and add a bit of water, after ten minutes of so it will reconstitute into paste form.  


Ingredients: Coriander Seed, Cumin, Caraway, Chilies, Hot Smoked Paprika, Sea Salt, Garlic, Cayenne

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