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Découvrez les saveurs du monde

Cretan Mountain Tea, also known as Malotira, has been a little piece of the history of Crete for a long time, with a rich history of supporting health and healing.


With a soft stem and pale grey-green leaves with small yellow flowers, these distinctive plants are hand-picked in the beautiful highlands of Crete each summer. And you can discover the same amazing benefits and medicinal properties that the Venetians did so many centuries ago, and the Cretans before them.


Drink your Cretan mountain tea hot or cold, or combine it with Dittany and Cretan Sage for an immunity-boosting sensation. Enjoy daily to reap the best that the mountains of Crete have to offer.


Origin - Crete, Greece

Caffeine -None

Ingredients - Malotira Mountain Tea 

Crete Mountain Tea

  • Tea - 2 TSP

    Water - 200ML

    Temperature - 95°C

    Time -  5 - 10 MIN

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