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Ethiopian Berbere

Ethiopian Berbere


Ethiopian cuisine is slowly making its way to the West bringing along dishes that are unlike no other cuisine. Ethiopians are renowned for “Wats”, which are (not limited to) a butter, spice-based stew which can include a variety of unique ingredients.

Berbere, which is also known as fire spice is added to Wats to spice them up with flavor and heat… lots of heat. Our Berbere’s heat has been toned down to more comfortable levels, not to say it doesn’t have a kick although! Berbere is the most common and popular spice used throughout Ethiopian cuisine, so having this rare spice available in your collection can really give you a unique addition that is unknown to many.


Ingredients: Paprika, Chilies, Nigella, Cloves, Ajowan, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Korarima, Besobela, Timiz Long Pepper, Cinnamon, Salt 

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