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Cruschi Pepper Flakes

Cruschi Pepper Flakes


In the local dialect the crusco pepper is called Zafaran, that reminds one of the word saffron, the precious yellow-orange spice brought to Basilicata by Arabs. In fact in the past cruschi peppers were ground and added to enhance the flavour of the salami or used for food preservation. Cruschi peppers, also known as “the red gold from Basilicata” is a key ingredient in Basilicata culinary lineage, as well as in Michelin-starred recipes. 


Today cruschi peppers are an authentic local speciality, also known as “Pepper from Senise”, a hill town located near the Pollino National Park. Moreover they have the IGP protected-origin status. 


Try adding these amazing pepper flakes to pastas, pastes, sauces, marinades and salads! A rare delicacy from Southern Italy. 


Ingredients: Cruschi Pepper Flakes 

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