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Cobanero Chili Flakes

Cobanero Chili Flakes


In the highlands of central Guatemala, the city of Cobán has made a name for itself cultivating cardamom and coffee. But Cobán has a hot secret: Ever since the Maya era—as far as back as 250 A.D.—locals have grown a regional pepper now known as chile Cobanero. This fiery, inch-long specimen has played a key role in centuries’ worth of indigenous cuisine. - Atlas Obscura 


Thats right! We at The Spice Merchant are now sourcing this rare. Mayan secret chile right from its source in Coban, Guatemala. The Chile Cobanero is a fruity, sweet and slightly smokey chilie unlike any other chile you have had before! This is easily one of our favorite chiles and can only be found here at The Spice Merchant! 


Add this chile in salsas, stews, paella or grind up into a powder which can be used for a spicy kick in absolutly anything! 

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