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Chicatana Ant Salt

Chicatana Ant Salt


Chicatana Ants (hormigas chicatanas) are a rare Oaxacan, Mexican delicacy. Not only do these tasty little ants fly, they also bite! These edible insects are collected in select parts of Mexico only once or twice a year during the first major rains of the season.

Our Chicatana Ants are sourced from coastal Oaxaca. The ants are then dry toasted on the comal, before being mixed with salt and Oaxacan smokey chilies. 


Enjoyed in a salsa chicatana or accompanied by mezcal, Chicatanas are a salty, smoky tradition often eaten with an orange while sipping Mezcal.


Origin - Oaxaca, Mexico 


Ingredients - Chicatana (Flying Ant), Pasilla de Oaxaca, Fleur de Sel 

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