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Découvrez les saveurs du monde

Zhu Ye Qing or Bamboo Green Leaf, is among the most prestige Chinese green teas. The tea plantations are all found over 3000 meters above sea level and are covered by thick dense fog year round. It is produced in beautiful Emei Shan, Sichuan Province, in South West China- considered one of China’s four sacred mountains; it is natural and breathtaking region, and known for its abundant bamboo forests! Zhu Ye Qing is harvested pre-Qing Ming, and starts 3-5 days before Qing Ming season.


Its flavor is slightly sweet, vegetal notes similar to asparagus, fresh bamboo shoot. This was our favourite tea in Sichuan! 


Origin - Sichuan, China

Caffeine - Medium

Ingredinets - Green Tea

Zhu Ye Qing Bamboo Sichuan

  • Tea - 1 TSP

    Water - 200ML

    Temperature - 80°C

    Time - 2 - 3 MIN

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