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Long Jing Dragon Well is one of China’s most popular teas!


 Long Jing Dragon Well is a high quality green tea that is world renowned for its appearance and distinctive flavor! traveling through Hangzhou we searched for the best quality Long Jing we could find! Its liquor is a lovely golden jade hue, and has a pure and clean aroma. Long Jing Dragon Well tea has a unique and distinguished appearance with its flat, large leaf shape that tea lovers will recognize instantly upon sight. Its leaves are broad and flat as a result of laborious harvesting techniques, handling, and drying. 


Long Jing Dragon Well tea is a refreshingly smooth, silky, sweet and yet delicate, among the very best of Chinese green teas! 


Origin - China 

Caffeine - Medium 

Ingredients - Green Tea

Long Jing Dragon Well

  • Tea - 1 TSP

    Water - 200 ML

    Temperature - 80°C

    Time - 2 - 3 MIN

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