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Turmeric - Lakadong

Turmeric - Lakadong


Lakadong Turmeric is renowned as the worlds best. Its curcumoid count is much higher in the turmeric that is grown by small farms in the lush and remote Meghalaya province. This is a rare and very flavorful Turmeric that provides an experience unlike any turmeric you have had before.  


Its been linked to one of the reasons Okinawa residents have the world longest life expectancy. It is used in Indian Ayurveda medicine and dying textiles. Found in virtually every curry and making headlines in the west for its health benefits is the relative of ginger, Turmeric.


Earthy, citrusy, bitter, these are some of the notes you will taste in one of the most incredible spices on the planet. Packed full of flavor, Turmeric can be incorporated into almost any dish you create.  


Origin: Lakadong, India