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Sichuan Red Chili

Sichuan Red Chili


Without this chili Sichuan would never be able to create its amazing flavor profiles! Slowly cooked with oil and sichuan peppercorns this creates the fundamental flavors to any dish in sichuan. They are crunchy, sweet, spicy and easily one of the most popular chilies available! 


These spicy little red chilies pack a lot of heat and flavor. Very similar to Arbol and Japanese Chilies the Sichuan Red Chili is used to make pastes, salsa's and to spice up curries. Because they are dried, they can be ground up and added to dishes to provide color and flavor along with there spicy bite. Sichuan Red Chilies are amongst some of the most diverse chilies when it comes to cooking and they can be added into almost any dish! 



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