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Madagascar Combava

Madagascar Combava


In Madagascar Combava is used as a powerful flavoring so use it sparingly in your preparations. Across the Indian Ocean this spice is an essential in every kitchen which It brings a fresh/lemony flavor to marinades, broths, soups, stews, seafood, white meats and is even used in desserts. We even add Combava to many South East Asian coconut style curries for an extra punch of flavor!


The flavor of Combava was best described by my friend in Madagascar saying it adds a splash of tropical sunshine from the Indian Ocean to your next creation and we could not agree more! Do not limit yourself just to Malagasy and French cuisine but experiment with this amazing spice to discover a whole new world of flavor!


Ingredients: Kaffir Lime Leaf, Tulsi Basil, Galangal, Lemon Grass