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Libyan Sahara Blend

Libyan Sahara Blend


Living in Libya for a year I was introduced to this earthy spice. Libya has a unique cuisine which is mixed between Arab North African, Ottoman and Italian brought from the Italian invaders from WW2.

The Libyan Spice is used for marinades and Kebab, but it’s the main ingredient for Libyan’s favorite dish, Bakbooki. Bakbooki is a bubbling pasta dish that has slight notes of curry in it and the Libyan Blend is what makes it! Just throw in pasta, tomato, and Libya blend with whatever else you like and that is Bakbooki.

Another preference for us is adding the Libya Blend to salads and cold pasta, its amazing how much flavor you can get with this one. This spice is great for vegans!


Ingredients: Turmeric, Caraway, Coriander, Pepper, Paprika, Cumin, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Cardamom