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Chios Greek Blend

Chios Greek Blend


Finally its here!! This is the ultimate blend for all those who love Greek cuisine and all herb blends. Made from an assortment of hand picked wild Greek herbs and powdered Mastic gum from Chios Island. This is a rare, herby blend which has been used in Greece for hundreds of years. 


The suttle flavors from the Mastic add a pine note to the herbs making this a perfect blend for grilling lamb, adding to greek Tzatziki sauce, fish and mixing with ground meats. Our personaly favorite is topping it with salt onto Canadian raised fish for a true wild flavor. 


Enjoy this herbaceous beautiful and rare spice of the mountains of Greece! 


Ingredients: Greek Mountain Oregano, Greek Mountain Sage, Fennel, Tarragon, Basil, Dill,  Mastic