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Georgian Spice Kit

Georgian Spice Kit


Here at the Spice Merchant we are always in search of rare and unique spices. Georgian Spices (the country not state) are amongst some of the hardest to find and most delicious of them all! Georgia being situated between Persia, Russia and the Middle East has made it develop into one of the most fascinating cuisines we have experienced on our travels around the globe.


This Spice set gives you the fundamentals to Georgian Cuisine. Our blends contain spices from Georgia that cannot be found anywhere except here, or Georgia of course! With this set you will be able to create amazing Georgian recipes; our favourite's are Khinkali, Shkmeruli & Chicken Kharcho! Pick up a Georgina cookbook and get ready for a whole new addictive cuisine!


You can see much more Georgian recipes that use the spices in this set at


In the Kit: Svaneti Blend, Khemeli Suneli Blend,  Dry Ajika Blend, Ushguli & Tbilisi Kebab

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