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This traditional spice blend comes from the Basque Region of France and Spain. The rolling hills give way to stunning white plastered villages adoring the crown jewel of dried peppers, the Espelette Pepper! This blend is made from this luxurious chile pepper! With fruity, slightly smoky flavours and hints of citrus this will quickly become one of your favourite blends! 


Its perfect for marinading meats especially lamb or poultry. Try adding it into sauces for a splash of colour and to add the sweet flavour of Espelette Pepper. In Basque, they also use this blend to season vegtables, pairing it with a high quality olive oil. Our favorite is adding it into Paella, for a unique Basque twist! 


Ingredients: Espelette Pepper, Marjoram, Anise, Orange Peel 


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