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Corn Masa - Corn Tortilla's from scratch

Our Heirloom corn is grown by small cooperatives in Oaxaca Mexico, this ensures not only the quality of the product, but also maintaining a tradition dating back thousands of years. Using Heirloom Corn will introduce you to a whole new world of flavour in your masa, but also it is a healthier choice.

White Olotillo Corn is a staple corn in Oaxaca that will produce a balanced masa. This corn has a light, floury starch for a pillowy tortilla and a dense enough body for making perfect tortillas and other Masa products. Its one of the most flavorful corns in Mexico!

Blue Bolita corn comes from the Valles Centrales of Oaxaca and is used by locals to create large tortillas. Perfect for tlayudas and quesadillas because of its starch density. It yields a beautiful, warm blue masa that is incredibly flavorful! Quite possibly out favorite corn for tortillas!'

Red Conico Corn is a lovely pink or light red masa. It’s grown in the hills of Sierra Norte Oaxaca, Mexico. It makes for an excellent table tortilla and perfect to impress company with your red taco’s!

Yellow Bolita Corn creates a rich, beautiful yellow masa with sweeter notes that taste of carrots and butternut squash. Its denser starch content supports the structure of larger tortilla. Also a delicious choice for pozole and Italian polenta!

Cal - Calcium Hydroxide is the secret culinary tool the Aztecs developed as the key to nixtamalization. Cal preps heirloom corn to be ground into masa, it Uses it to improve the texture, flavor and aroma of raw corn. This is essential to all those who want to undertake the amazing and fun process of making masa!

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