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We are constantly searching for new and exciting blends and whole spices to elevate your ever growing spice collection. 

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Single Origin


  Spices from across the globe

100% SPice


Our spices come from single origin farms, not factories. The spice farmers are knowledgeable and have been producing the highest quality products for generations! 

We search the globe for new and rare spices. Now having been to over 100 countries and we continually get spice from over 30 nations using only select farms we know! 

We get our spices direct and most are organic! All our blends are handmade by us ensuring there are no additives or preservatives. Just pure !00% spice! 

"Once you have a spice in your home you have it forever! Love my Damask Rose Buds. I’ve made delicious rose water and distilled the rose buds to make my own hydrating face mist. Thanks, Stephan, for all the tips and tricks for using the rose buds. The Egyptians were buried with their spices. I know which ones I’m taking with me when I go, The Spice Merchant!!”

Roberta Warren Bond